Fashion Bridal Shoot by Olivia Bossert

I'll always love these images so much. I approached Olivia Bossert about doing a fashion shoot after following her on Instagram and loving every image she posted and was SO happy when she said yes. Lucie Donlan came to my house in the morning and we went to town on makeup before heading down to Gwithian beach to meet Charlotte from Grace Baskerville Jewellery and Alice from Ruby Alice Design. Charlotte arrived fully prepared with waterproof sheets, blankets and most importantly JEWELLERY. I wanted each and every ring on my fingers - but that day they were for Lucie. Alice stepped out the car with the most beautiful bouquet - I think I'd shown her two pictures of styles we liked and she got it exactly spot on. 

We'd hoped for a sunset but instead got grey cloud which changed the whole mood in such a great way. The colours worked well together and you can see the results!

All above images by Olivia Bossert