Day 1.

Hello to the blog! The place where I'll post all about photoshoots, products, and to be honest whatever I fancy! An online scrapbook. 

I think I'm meant to start this with an "about me" which is always so impossible! Nearly a year and a half ago I started working on counter for Liz Earle, I'd decided to do something I really loved, and although it was a step down in job roll it meant I was doing what I was passionate about every day. I trained with Liz Earle in skincare and makeup and it's enabled me to work with all ages, skin types and styles. I've learnt to cater every look to the individual, it sounds so cheesy and cliche but when someone looks in the mirror and feels more confident its the best feeling. 

Last year I decided to work for myself. I still work for Liz Earle, but I'm so lucky that I have the flexibility to freelance too. I trained in Professional Makeup Artistry with QC Makeup Academy which gave me the skills and the confidence to start alone, and I'm so glad I did. I love the wedding industry and working with wonderful photographers, models, florists, stylists and is dream come true, let alone being there on someones wedding day! That is the ultimate heart warmer and I can't quite believe I'm there. 

I can't wait to share it all with you!