Should you work with students?

Jewellery: Bon Bon Fistral

I love finding new amazing people to work with. I met Megan Hemsworth for this shoot and she's become one of my favourite photographers. I think sometimes the word "student" can raise a flag and you assume their inexperienced, but it's all wrong. Megan gives so much direction and knows exactly what she wants from the image, it also helps she's insanely skilled with the camera and editing. 

Instagram gives you a good idea of their work and style, you can see how passionate someone is and how active they are. It's the same with anything, makeup artists, stylists, models. Get yourself out on the world wide web! I'm much more open to working with students after the experience I've had, after all if you've decided to study it full time you must be dedicated! 

Model: Corinne Evans 

Stylist: Evie Johnson