Bridal Beauty Photoshoot
When you have big white walls and great natural light its so easy to create your own little studio - with the help of a pro photographer, hair stylist, accessory designer and a couple of fab models of course...
Lizzie had this lace dress that she'd been wanting to use for a while so we roped in Yana and Jess and had a lovely day in home comfort, with these images as the result! 

I'd met Kate from Blushing Flamingos at another photoshoot and her pieces were so beautifully made and elegant. The pearl headpiece looked like it was made for Yana and I was so happy she was involved, the pieces she chose brought everything together and Rosanne changed hairstyles to show them off without even batting an eyelid! I loooove these twists put in Jess' hair with the pearl accessories. I hope you like the images as much as we do! 


All photo's by Lizzie Churchill

Charlotte Albert