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A couple of months ago I was waiting for a phone call from someone coming to fix my dryer, so was surprised when I answered the phone to a potential client. Amy introduced herself and explained that she was transitioning to a woman and was at the stage of changing her passport so was looking to have her makeup done for the photo. This was a big moment for her as it's an official change of identity and a document she'll have for the next 10 years, so of course she wanted to look her best.  While she was explaining the reason for the booking I sensed that she was looking to check that I'd be okay with it. To be honest I was more than okay with it and have a huge admiration for Amy. I came off the phone thinking she sounded so sweet and lovely and it's a shame that someone in her position is unsure about how someone will feel about her or react. 

Amy and I went for a coffee in town to chat about what she wanted and booked in a date. She'd had her hair done at Marzipan Truro in the morning and I came to do her makeup before she went to a photographer to have her pictures taken! All very professional! 

I wanted to post something about Amy as we take it for granted that we can be who we want to be, do the things we want to do and dress however we like. It's not that simple for some people and although things have massively come on, when Amy's generation was growing up the world wasn't so open. 

I used to care so much about what people thought of me, so much it meant I wasn't myself a lot of the time beacuse I just couldn't relax and not over analyse things. Of course there are still situations where you want to make a good impression or wouldnt wan't people to think badly of you - but at the same time as you get older you have more confidence in yourself. I know who I am and that I'm a good person so don't purely focus on what other people will think.

I wish Amy all the luck in the world with the next part of her journey! 

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"Right from our first conversation I knew that Charlotte was someone I would be happy to do my make up. We had a provisional appointment to discuss what I wanted so that on the day everything went smoothly. Charlotte was so sweet, considerate and knowledgeable I learnt a lot as well as enjoying the experience. I was delighted with the finished result and wholeheartedly recommend her."