Surfgirl Magazine


This day was also so exciting for me as I got to meet a makeup artist I'd chatted to most days on Instagram! Claire traveled down and stayed in a campervan overnight so she could join us on this shoot and it was great to have her there!! 

This is a long long long long LONG overdue post about my first ever magazine publication. It was one of the hottest days of the year, one of those days where your water quickly turns warm and is no way near as refreshing as you want it to be. Remember those days? We get the odd one of them a year in England. 

The shoot was for the editorial of SurfGirl Magazine and not only was it my first time working with a magazine, I got to spend the day with some of my favourite people to work with! 

Lizzie and I travelled to Kudhva together and she fed me pistachio nuts as I drove (bonding). I'd never been there before but it was amazing and really felt like we were in another country. There was nothing surrounding us but beautiful views - no houses, no cars, just lots and lots of land. We got to our base where there was a little BBQ and loose dogs roaming around. We set up for hair and makeup under the shelter of some tree's and Ro worked her magic on Josie and Sylvia's hair while I did my favourite style of makeup.. bronzy and glowy with feathered brows. *NOTE I will forever describe this look as "bronzy and glowy" no matter how informal it sounds. 

Evie Jonstone styled the looks using clothing from Billiabong and Roxy among others. I've actually become obsessed with Evie's interior design and I'm basically copying her entire house when decorating my own. No shame. Honestly though, have a look at her work, both styling and interior and you'll see why I'm an unashamed sheep. 


Photographer: Lizzie Churchill