Why I love Instagram

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Instagram is great for so many things. It used to be the place to see what my friends were posting, who's wearing what and who's going out with who. These days I'm rarely on my personal account and spend all my Instagramming (is that a word?) time on my business account. I follow makeup artists, wedding dress designers, travel blogs, hair stylists, interior designers among others and could scroll for hours looking at endless streams of content. I use the app to find other suppliers and inspiration, so have to bare in mind that potential clients are doing exactly the same thing when viewing my profile so I try to make it worth a follow! I have an app called Preview where I upload all the pictures I want to post and can arrange them before I post them so they are visually appealing and flow - this definitely helps but with a variety of styles of images it's hard to get it perfect. 

I love finding photographers who I may not have come across on another platform... and that's where me going on and on about Instagram becomes relevant to the post. Chloe Yates is a photographer I'd stumbled upon and loved her work so I messaged her saying just that and we ended up working together on this shoot. Her photography and editing is perfect for me and shows the makeup exactly how I want it to be shown. This really just comes down to style, some photographers will tone down the highlight you've given the model, or enhance something you wouldn't enhance. There's no right or wrong but it goes back to my previous post about collaborations and working with people who suit your style. 

I think Chloe is brilliant and I these are some of my favourite images to date! 

Model:  Lydia Cooke
Model: Charlotte 

Model: Charlotte 

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Model:  Sally Graham
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